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Before You Buy That Lamborghini... 7 Tips For When You Start Making REAL MONEY... (91 hits)

So you came across some real money, or you finally started making good money from your job, being a youtuber, amazon fba, real estate, etc, in this video I give you some ideas on what to do now that you are making some good money.

In life it's always good to learn from other's experiences, mistakes and successes. I am just trying to share some of mine since a lot of people see videos of my Lamborghini and wonder about how I got it, and how I'm able to keep it...

Tips from your boy...
1. Save as much of your new money that you can!
2. Be slow to increase your cost of living and lifestyle!
3. Buy the big ticket items and luxuries as those things become a smaller percentage of your net worth (unless the big ticket item helps you make more money).
4. Know your net worth and keep it growing!
5. Get a book keeper and good tax accountant!
6. Reinvest in yourself and your business!
7. Diversify your money and sources of income!

I hope this helps someone out there! Leave me a comment, like and subscribe with notifications on if you like this video...

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Posted By: Will Moss
Sunday, February 4th 2018 at 12:00AM
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